Managing change.

The management of change becomes much significant when the organisation faces some serious challenges with regards to its image,products,brands,technology, profitability,growth etc.
It could be said that if a organisation keeps on constantly changing according to the environment than crisis could be avoided ,but it could not be always successful in pre-empting all crisis and need may arise to introduce significant changes in the organisation.
When the growth slows down and depression sets in ,it usually impacts all segments of economy ,
the change need to be introduced with CAUTION and PATIENCE ,further the situation needs proper analysis so that CORRECT CHANGES could be planned and EXECUTED.
Analyzing the change required–
The biggest skill required is to analyse the situation in entirety —
-why the present situation has arrived?
-Finding the fault areas according to their weight age?
-analyzing the management and its leadership skills?
-the motivation and environment in the organisation.
-how much role played by internal factors.
-the role and identification of external factors.
-the strength and weakness og organisation to face the situation.
The analysis of situation helps in identifying how much damage/trouble lies,how critical is the situation and what are the main causes of present situation.
To plan change to be introduced-
According to the causes /circumstances and the future vision ,the change need to be introduced and are planned in various fields i.e human resource segment,marketing,technology,finance etc and here its also required to be decided that how fast  is to be the course of change or it be introduced in phases.
-Managing the change-
It is the most crucial aspect and becomes much sensitive in h r segment ,it need determination and guts at the part of management ,which need to stand firm ,do not react unduly to the rumors and employees resentment ,further the management may convince the employees about the benefits of changes planned.
The situation need to be analysed and causes need to be identified and multi  pronged strategy need to be devised,which may involve cost cutting ,training the employees in technological and other behavioral skills and at the same time it may be required to rationalize the products and services.
The thrust area of product and services and the delivery system along with ways and means of promoting the brand may need to be analysed.
the employees needs to be trained to adapt the current situation of tough competition and the belonging need to be instilled in employees about the organisation and they should understand their behavior to consumer is the real image of the organisation and the long term relationship need to be developed with consumer  ,so there loyalty toward company product may remain intact as well as newer consumer are added by the satisfaction of existing consumer,the work culture need to be instilled as natural instinct in the customer.
The bottlenecks in the delivery supply chain system as well in the procurement of raw material may need to be standardized ,so that cost could be minimized and reach of product and services be much visible and appropriate to the growth and objectives of the organization. 
The product may need to be aligned to present situation and may need newer flavours and packaging or it may be the need of hour to introduced some more products ,as well as brand visibility may need to be made better ,some innovative advertisement need to be designed to capture the imagination of customer ,and they should start singing/enjoying the tune and texture of the message and its content.
In the management of change ,one of the biggest content is that the right amount is needed to be at right place and the monitoring is the constant requirement as well as the outside environmental changes with regards to government policies ,newer innovations ,newer products by competitors etc all need to be assigned due weight ages.
Every one appear to be fearing change despite the change being so inherent part of ones introduce change it should be well thought and sudden and abrupt so that one is left to act only and not to think in any way.
Change become essential due to many things like change in technology,change in environment,change in policies of government,older organisation need change to compete with newer organisation.
When the performance of a organisation is not upto the mark then to improve performance various trial and error models are to be tried upon.
change apart from being abrupt must be supervised by efficient leaders if the employees have confidence and respect for their managers and leaders then to introduce change would be easy as confidence is there and channel of communications are wide open.
The change is challenging and the desired result of change is transformation which is more challenging ,organisation could transform when the spirit of change and its acceptance permeates in all spheres of the organisation.and then the value seems visible as same comes from the innate desire of employees to create and differentiate in today’s competition ,rapidly changing customer needs ,and a desire to be the first to relieved the latest product and for this behavior alignment is required for which mindset change by understanding and implementing ir required.
For bringing change certain values need to be encourages,that one should learn from every experiences,not merely from formal learning opportunities only and the willingness to share  the learning ,it helps in maintaining positive focus in orgn ,the change lies in mindset therefore its also necessary that employees should be given opportunity to work and look at different aspect of the organisation so that more easily understanding the need for change ,so that new normal could be made prolonged normal .
The bets are usually taken way ahead of the bets becomming realityand one can hardly predict a big idea but usually one has to smell way to one ,and to smell one need the eyes and ears of a listener and nose of a dog.,therefore the change/concept of change need to be deeply ingrained in the mindset of all employees because more so it is always ever evolving scenario in business today.
With the intent of introducing change leaders need to first reflect and than direct the conversation to what will happen if status quo is mantained,the excitement of putting oneself in disconfort is to be kindled as people go for climbing mountain because there is joy in doing something that is difficult,the spirits of all concerned are to be maintained high and the hunger of all concerned to achieve more and to remain focused and vigilant be made a natural trait.

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