The achievements.

When at a stage human being, tend to make the analysis of achievements made in life,then a pause appears to have come in his usual march.
one realize the necessity to analyse the achievements itself indicate that one at a stage feel to evaluate the earlier achievement in the shape that whether they were any achievements or not.what for we are born ,to consume more ,to interfere with others peace in exploration of ones security concern.
The search of the purpose and how far one has been able to stick /get near to it,is the evaluating point of the wanderer.
The one who limits the purpose to particular belief and are able to control the same in their surroundings may believe to have achieved much.But not for 
The one who tries to visualize the goal of journey at its very start try for subtler achievements,
hence one may measure the achievements in monetary terms/in the term of the control and command exercised /the emotions of self and else gained to ones satisfaction/the enjoyment of physical and else,hence the parameters are wide to measure the/rank the achievements.
The one who daily in the morning passes through a green and forest route ,getting addicted and storing the serenity,the calm,the emerging dawn ,when sit there to evaluate the achievements find that if else is his or not but the moment of morning has been his own.
The achievements are made by groups and societies ,in which individual also take part and may also play leading role,the individual measure of achievement is much linked to the satisfaction derived and gained.
The plan achievement is passing the span of life peacefully and the searing faces of age does not unfold in its severity,and one goes as one comes not knowing and feeling harmony and comfort
the man strives for building the comfort zone around and tend to rate achievement is success there of ,the comfort of wealth ,the comfort of accompanied,the professional and artistic pursuit followed /the comfort of security is much weighed achievement usually.
The fear of being alone in the sea of humanity make man to search for security ,it may be in financial term,it may be emotional pursuit for security/the security which will allow to face the all parts of life ,mitigating its negative impact if any.the achievements/the stakes are bigger here,may be more valued.
The biggest achievement may elude one even after three decades of companionship ,not being able to understand,still striving to settle scores,and striving to control that rot ,yet not cleansed ,despite all long journey.
For individual attaining of stability and getting minimum deterrence of understanding is to be evolved,change taking place need to be also introduced in earlier mindset and ones approach in tackling issues.
Competition in market is fine for enhancing value and wealth,but competiting to gain scores over another in all subtles happening is woerst sort of uncontrolled tendency.


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