Tthe software for self.

A software engineer develops various software on which various program’s  
 are run,further he install the software which  as a input appears  , grasp it and analyze it and do the needful.
Reaction to stimuli ,and how perceptions are formed by one ,is a complicated software,in which codes and their impacts complex.
How one to run his life certainly it is impacted by various external environment/agencies,but still human at morning and night is with self and here lies creations of commands and signals which may lead to forming perceptions and quality of well being,being is always there and its quality is much dependent on ones own software of understanding,reactions and command.
The system developed has to remain crystal clear no viruses are allowed and if they enter due to any other non perceived mode,than they choke the working of software.
We all need to be intelligent software engineer -to be able to develop a suitable software program for self working and all viruses need to be eliminated.-
The systems developed by humans are reflection of the systems given by nature,its all ingredients,be it human,animal,trees and their supporting infrastructures.
The humans also have some inbuilt software which processes the event faced by individual,but the software in machine is more easily rectified but the humans software is more soft.
The modern society has laid  down  much guidance
and stored the experiences of civilizations  to let understand how the software in humans is developed and desired controls,the mind processes the events according to value systems feed in one ,the software in human given in original may usually be perfect but the inputs feed in one,which are the corner stone of software to analyse events and form ghost is or may not be the defect of the software itself.
The software may need some flexibility as to adapt and react and perceive to the variances.the results and finding are generated but decisions by machine in human world is not the way out always.
The study of the genes may throw more light on this delicate software and may yield in more successful software having better capacity to analyse and decide things to enhancing the pleasure of subtler being.
The human /social issues etc  usually has a range of consideration zone and needed time ,but clear concepts,clear understanding of issues,and appreciation matters,it need to remain/kept motivated otherwise it is easily penetrated by viruses and inflicting more damages.

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