The willpower

The human needs challenges in life certainly beyond those to fulfill the primary needs to develops and grow and to attain the sustainability in all circumstances
The human was left alone to fend for oneself amid all strange creators and plants and nothing about their values ,the humans-will power has started exploring the values since arrival on earth.,which is continuing on yet .
-the will to live
-the will to grow
-the will to explore
-the will to compete
-the will to perform
-the will to derive pleasure
-the will to derive satisfaction
-the will to attain fulfillment
-the will to shine
these all wills are usually available in all human being ,but some are not able to venture beyond the fences and some has the courage to extend the fences suited to them.
without the will nothing could be created in the universe as if every where a axis is needed to stabilize the system.
the will power of human  may depend upon how far one is ready to go ,the action ,the effort one is ready to make in pursuit of ones fulfillment/contentment .
there may be man who are always blaming and passing the buck and never intending to take the responsibility as if not altogether interested in any creation and finding and usually believes that there is a conspiracy in everything ,basically it may be due to the negative mentality ,the positive mentality helps the will power to act in right direction which results in creation.
the one who is concerned about ones fate ,destiny and wants to live with grace has to take the recourse of will power.
one cant always find the escape route ,the performance is the need of hour and a balanced approach is required ,the proper conceiving the objectives/situation proper planning ,monitoring the implementation and remaining flexible not being unduly distyrbed by the obstacles and scorns of peoples.
the will to create an identity in the ocean of human and despite all odds able to make a mark requires a will,a will which which is focused on present anfd future devoid of inertia and confusion ,the one who unduly ponder irrelevant things and lives in past ,neither wishing to break the shackles of inertia and age old customs cant progress and sustain in fast moving/changing global village.
 the biggest thing that effects the quality of human life and shape its destiny is the will power and it need not require to mention the importance of willpower and how a person/team filled with it is able to achieve miraculously which otherwise was not possible .
But the largely unanswered question is how to develop willpower,many suggestions are suggested that by implementing them the will power would increase ,they are largely based on motivational tips,certainly they have their utility.
There may not be any medicine or sure therapy to increase the will power but to me it appears that the calm and peace prevailing in the mind has lot to do with will power.
The more the mind is full of morass ,the deeper the duration of it and the smell of it has become the hallmark of our brain the more destitute one would be in the area of will power.we feel like doing nothing and,nothing is able to motivate one -this is despite the fact that there is no physical or mental ailment is there,and the medicine being sold to cure them appears to give only some momentary effect or to say no way out is there.
the power of will selling has been a big business since the inception of earth and by arousing this deficiency of human and claiming to cure it has provided them huge followers and they had been able to get built their own temples in their living times.
in the lesser privileged countries huge mass of humanity facing uncertain times,they have nowhere to go and have nothing to lose ,they have dome paper degrees but neither patron or job and have enough English to know that they are English disabled in globalized world the indomitable  will that make the difference ,the performance of human can’t solely be measured in the terms of earnings or investment alone whether one has been able to enjoy and live the life on his own terms that is more of importance and one is able to sort out matter that crop up daily and can avoid falling in useless chores that also matters equally.

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