Adam and eve1

The world started with the creation of male and female in human form to take a giant step ahead of animal world,the new creatures were given better brains.
the relationship between man and woman yet remained  based on the animal instinct of animals -their forefathers-
As the age of human increases he may start to feel cheated about being fallen in such relationship other than the reason of animal instinct ,as nothing other thing was there.
Yet again a another thing struck to one that the other course is not of much help either and one need to go by the natural way,the way given by nature and discard the all intellectual instinct to be fully immersed in the world affairs as no other escape route is there.
Human always since the inception of its race want to possess things and want to fly flag over the things acquired and if the thing acquired is human living one then it provides a great relief to his heart-this is also appears to be a base of relationships of human beings.
But the human could not appreciate that in relationship the more battle lost increases the foundation of relationship.
the creator fell under compulsion to create many illusions so that the humans can remain engaged in it ,the time span granted was not much yet the moments and days are heavy ,therefore human need to remain occupied physically or mentally in certain issues,the journey has been slow and is evolving by passing of innumerable generation has stored the knowledge ,devised principles and lately needing evidence to substantiate  the hyposis  .
the traits were different or were made to perceive so ,as what has remained prevelent for long,may be due to necessity of that era,which has been perpetuated,but lot is changing,the very concept are changing,in earlier times the kids if not got much formal learning but they were close to the nature at least but now the kids left in jungle of stone and speed and glitter ,the way to choose,the way which settle in one is not clear where and how it may form,the elements of doom appear to rise in some part of world,now the question could be of importance that either return to square one or the gains are consolidated and all are included in it by culturally,social and economic integration.

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